VC60 VERTI-cutter

The VERTI-cutter’s patented swing-hitch allows the unit to turn during operation increasing maneuverability and the belt drive with 12” diameter blades provides a faster blade RPM (tip speed) improving quality of cut.


The double roller depth gauge system allows

consistent depth control over undulations.


Available for VC-60 and VC-40


VC 60 VERTI-cutter



Working Width: 54”

Blades: 10GA Carbide Tip, 10GA Hardened Steel

Blade Spacing: Rollers 1.5 – 2″, Skids 2″ Only

Blade Depth Control: 0 – 1 7/8”

Blade Shaft: 1 5/8” Hex Stress Proof

Blade Rotation: Forward

Hitch: Patented 3 PT CAT.1 Trailing Hitch

Drive: 540 PTO Gearbox, 3 belts

Required HP: 20-45 Varies by Cutting Depth

Frame: All Welded Steel Construction

Weight: 900 lbs.

Dimensions: 70” w,46” l, 41” h

Gearbox: Heavy Duty 42 HP (31 KW)